Mobility Scooters Benidorm

Mobility Scooter Safety is of paramount importance to us and our scooters are serviced by a trained technician regularly to make sure you have a trouble free experience on your mobility scooter in Benidorm. Batteries and parts are changed in accordance so you will never be left stranded. Are you a first time user who is slightly nervous? We have a large courtyard area where you can come and try out a mobility scooter and make sure that you are completely comfortable. For your peace of mind we have also teamed up with Mapfre Insurance to provide 3rd party & personal injury Mobility Scooter Insurance in Benidorm for your mobility hire.

“Free Benidorm Mobility Scooter Hire Insurance”

3rd Party Scooter Accident Insurance is included in the cost of your mobility scooter hire. As with all insurance this does not apply to reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance.

Personal Injury Mobility Scooter Insurance - €5 per week (Optional)

Although mobility scooter insurance is not mandatory and you may be covered by your holiday insurance carrier it is recommended that you take out our specific mobilty scooter insurance whilst on holiday in Benidorm. Although our mobility scooters are very easy to navigate and are extremely safe and accidents are rare when used correctly there is piece of mind knowing should an accident occur you are covered.

Our mobility scooters are fully maintained by an onsite mechanic and we have a strict testing and service procedure to make sure your mobility scooter hire is trouble free. If you are new to mobility scooter hire you can also safely test drive our mobiltiy scooters in our large courtyard area.